The CW Story

Chanelle Wright is a brand dedicated to brides and their bestfriends. Born out
of the desire to bring ease and joy back to the bridesmaid experience, and to celebrate the
beauty of true friends.

“I have always had an affinity for femininity and my design aesthetic resembles that.”
Rooted in romance, CW designs aim to celebrate the female figure, using soft lines, delicate fabrics, and the detail required to ensure each lady feels her best self.

Our design mission is to create timeless garments that women love to wear, and will want to wear again, even after the special occasion. Our collections are carefully curated, with thought put into complimentary silhouettes and colours, and how they will
best work together on the day.

Believing in personal touch and the finest quality, all of our garments are designed and produced, made-to-order, in our Durban studio.

We hope you find something you and your best girls will love!
A treasured, heirloom-quality item for their wardrobe.